DESIGN HOW TO: Selecting art

Selecting artwork is high on our list of favorite things to do! Nothing ties your home’s interior together as quickly, and easily, as artwork with its color palette, mood, style and subject matter. But how do you select art for your entire home? Where do you start?

We often see an unfortunate “Big Box Store Abstract” art theme repeat itself throughout a home, and while we understand that art selection can be dauntingly difficult, that is a look you will tire of quickly. However, there is a process to selecting art with many factors to consider – the available space, the nearby furnishings, the best size and shape, the subject matter, the frame, the colors, the mood – and finally, how each individual piece works with the others to create the desired look throughout your home.

Take a look at a few of our projects, and some of the art that we used in each to create the intended feel of the home!

Sentimental Art – this Hamptons-inspired home has a mix of vintage art, photos and interesting wall decor throughout

NOTE: For a purposeful look, use matching frames to display old family photographs and ephemera in a grid or gallery pattern.

Modern and Heirloom Art Mix – this historic house with inherited antiques gets a 21st century update with modern art

NOTE: For a sophisticated look, pair the most traditional furnishings with the least traditional artwork and accessories.

Charleston-inspired Art – this 1920’s Myers Park house is refreshed with new, period-appropriate style and wall decor

NOTE: Repeat a lovely architectural wood tone in furnishings and art framing as well as items in wicker, caning and bamboo.

Graphic Art in Black and White – this stately modern home in black, white and natural wood gets a retro feel from art

NOTE: When using artwork in a similar color palette, be careful to vary the subject matter and the size and shape of each.

Contemporary, Versatile Art Mix – this transitional home is furnished and decorated with a future Lowcountry move in mind

NOTE: To plan for use of artwork in another location, start with series of smaller pieces that can be used in different configurations.

Modern Art in Cool, Soft Colors – this European-inspired house with warm, existing furnishings is updated by cool, modern art

NOTE: To tone down warm wood tones, use cool colors (e.g., various blues) in artwork for a cool contrast.

Soft Watercolor Art – this Craftsman home with stately English-inspired decor is softened by art with lovely colors

NOTE: To use a different main color in each room, be sure to thread a common color and/or similar neutral colors throughout.

Colorful Curated Art – this white farmhouse exterior and bold pink and navy interior has original and new art to match

NOTE: To showcase original or bold, colorful artwork, use a netural or white wall color for a pleasing effect.