DESIGN HOW TO: Lighting the house

Selecting lighting for an entire house is a unique opportunity to create a beautiful, cohesive look for your home. Getting it right requires lots of thinking, planning and looking but the end result is worth the effort! Read along for a room-by-room explanation of how and why we selected lighting for our English Country project.

HOUSE TOUR: English Country Interior – Before

Our whole-house remodel (here’s the exterior “before” and yes, it’s purple!) has been a long, slow process but finally, the finished product is in our sights! We’re remodeling the entire house, inside and out, and will outline here the major issues and changes we’re making that will infuse the interior with a country English style.

HOUSE TOUR: English Country textiles

Take a tour of the textiles from our new English Country project with a quick look at the rugs, fabrics and finishes we’re using throughout the downstairs. Muted green/blues, warm woods and mellow metals will create the “New Traditional” look we want with a country English edge. Read along for the details!


Our English Country project kitchen “before” is dark, inefficient, out of date and full of angles and unwanted columns. Read along for just some of the design issues we’re facing with this project as well as a few solutions we’ll use to create a cute, cozy and well functioning modern kitchen with a very English edge.

BEFORE & AFTER: 223 Main Street

Ten years after embarking on our building’s renovation and remodel, we’re taking you on a behind the scenes tour of what it took to transform this neglected century-old building into a modern space that will house new businesses for the next hundred years. Read along for the details on the transformation!

DESIGN HOW TO: Our favorite essentials

Decorating “essentials” are items we reach for time after time to create a beautiful, functional space. Read along for ten categories of these unique, versatile items, four of which – a garden stool, console, wicker basket and heirloom child’s accent chair – we used in this hallway to beautifully finish this look.

DESIGN HOW TO: Selecting art

Selecting art is one of our favorite things to do. In fact, art selection is often done in the early stages of our design process, as it can provide the jumping off point for a color and textile scheme. Read our latest blog post to see some of the art we selected for a few of our projects, and why we selected it!

DESIGN HOW TO: What’s your style?

Have you ever wanted to furnish and decorate a room, but didn’t know where to start? Or worse, you started but went in so many directions that you finally gave up after wasting time and money with purchases that didn’t work. Read our latest blog post for the first steps we think will get you going in the right direction!

DESIGN HOW TO: Our process

If you’ve ever wondered how the design process works, read this latest blog post about OUR process! When you choose us to design your home, one of our goals is to make the process as seamless as possible and to help our clients feel assured and confident about all of their choices and decisions.

DESIGN HOW TO: Coffee table talk

The poor, underrated coffee table is actually one of our favorite items to select. Whether modern, traditional or somewhere in between, the variety of styles and looks is something that upholstery and larger furnishings can’t provide. Read here for a few coffee table ideas that we used in previous projects!