HOUSE TOUR: A historic downtown icon gets a makeover

Our Classical Revival project is one of the most iconic houses in Fort Mill, so having the opportunity to work on this home was a treat. The goal for the c. 1900 structure was simple – create a new, casual family living space and give the exisiting formal areas a needed refresh. Remodeling a historic house comes with many challenges, especially when blending old and new together for a seamless result. Here we explore our five basic steps to this (or any) house remodel!

HOUSE TOUR: A style of its own, from the outside in

Welcome to our first blog post! We’re starting our monthly blog series with a tour of our Modern French Tudor project, a recent new construction whose architectural style is rooted in history but whose design and decoration was executed in a uniquely modern way. We designed the house using several key elements, starting with the exterior and extending throughout the interior.